A Different Perspective on so called Special Needs

A few days ago, Richard Branson wrote this on LinkedIn, “Special Needs lessons are not for stupid people, but are in fact, for people that are special, talented and gifted in other areas of life and it’s up to you to find out what those areas are”.

We all know people with special needs, children and adults. And this just puts thoughts into perspective that when someone needs help, they will have a gift to share with the world and it makes us work harder to look beyond to find those gifts.

It may simply be, they bring joy to all those that meet them and enhance the lives of those that care for them. But there could be something they can do that is unique, and an enhancement of something we all take for granted.

I know some wonderful people with a form of special needs who light up the room with their simple view of life. They are not affected by the challenges of life that affects us all in our day to day lives. They simply see life in a different way and perhaps it is up to us, to join them in their world from time to time and see what they see and understand.

When we walk this life we call reality, and come to understand we are really spirit having a physical experience, we can start to see everyone from a different perspective.

We stop looking at each other at what we see and start to feel the essence of who they really are. At least, that is what we are working towards. It is not easy, and we will have days when we succeed and days when we struggle but never give up, keep doing what you are doing to see beyond.

This work we undertake to connect with spirit often starts of as the desire to be a medium, or a healer. But it is the more that excites me. The more we explore the world of spirit and all its amazing layers, the more we find a deeper meaning to life and experience so much more that we ever dreamed possible.

And when we experience the more, the energy of connection, we can see through new eyes, the eyes of the heart to see more, understand more and in doing that, we become more. When we are more, we can feel more, connect more….and help more. Together, we can make a difference, regardless of what and who we are…..

Just a thought inspired by Richard Branson…

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