Late Night Musings #2

a late night muse….

What a few weeks it has been. Planning and executing our open day was a mammoth task but so worthwhile on many levels. Personally, so many things are happening, personal, business, the centre, spiritually, family etc etc. Today I sat up at the centre with our June watching as one by one people came in to have a private reading with the lovely John Shaw. June is a true worker for spirit. Regardless of how she is feeling or what is going on in her own life, she is here, taking her position as guardian of our space. June is an inspiration to me and to many others. Her life is all about family and spirit is her family just as those who live here on the earth plain with her.

We sat and talked about many things, life, family, spirit…and we got to talking about how the centre started. How on earth did we do it we both said. We had no money, no real idea how we were going to run it, how we would find the money month on month. How did we do it? We did it from the point of view of faith. Faith that if we were meant to have a place such as this, it would happen. We didn’t know how, but we trusted it would happen anyway! Don’t get me wrong, it took a lot of hard work here but with the team in spirit pointing us the right direction, we knew all would be well!

Nearly 14 years down the road, here we are. Not just here but a better us. Our mentor had very strong views of where we should go and the way we could achieve it. Sadly after a year she decided that where we were was no longer for her, so the few of us left as custodians of this space, changed many things, including the name. It was a scary time but the changes made allowed the centre to grow, to breathe new life into everything we did including us.
As me and June were looking around our little haven, we commented on how the building has changed, decorations, things on display, layout etc. But the biggest changes are in us. We started out with a single vision. But as time has gone on, we have opened our hearts and minds to changes and those changes have allowed us to grow too. We talked about our mentors direction of what we needed to do, and she was an amazing visionary! But, she was focussed in one direction, and expected us to only go that way. However, because we have opened ourselves up to spirit to guide us, they have ensured we are still there, or here I should say, today. When we stop trying to control the natural flow of life, all that we need for our highest good and that of those around us, happens. We don’t need to look for the change, it happens naturally. We grow and change without realising it happening. June and I looked at each other and discussed how we have changed and how that has been through trust and mutual support.

Change is scary. Change can be difficult. But if we keep getting the messages from the universe and listen, we just know it is all for the right reasons so you have to let go, and let spirit. How do these messages come to us? Do spirit knock on our front door and give us a set of instructions to follow? Do we wait for that knock to happen before making the changes we know we need too? Messages come to us via friends suggesting something, by hearing the lyrics of a song, by keep seeing the same message over and over again through social media or, picking up a book and it falls open to a page that draws you to a passage that confirms what you were thinking. If we wait for spirit to knock on our door, we could be waiting a long time! It’s a bit like the story of God sending a helicopter to rescue a drowning man…..remember that story! If we just listen to the messages from the universe, through life, and follow them, rarely if ever would that guidance be for anything other than our highest good.

June and I sat there this afternoon trying to think what our mentor would say to all that we are doing. Once upon a time, we would have both worried that she would disapprove but today, we agreed that what we have done is the best we could be by listening to the guidance from spirit and very very proud of what we have achieved. We are not standing in that place saying we are all things to all men but through listening to that guidance of the universe, we have a place in the world and we can make a difference to some but not all, that find us. So the point of this late night muse is sharing the belief that to trust in the flow of life, not fighting it, not fearing the changes, just trusting that where we go is where we need to be for our highest good. If you feel you are being pushed into a place that you fear, stop, breathe and look at it, really look at it…take the emotion of fear out and look at it again…see the bigger picture and trust in the flow of life. June and I agreed that neither one of us are who we were when we started out all those years ago and for that, we are truly grateful.


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