Late Night Musings #1

Over the past couple of days, I have had a number of very intense conversations with friends about our experiences and understandings of working with spirit.  I think, when we first set out to ‘understand’ the working with spirit thing….we think about how cool it would be to be able to talk to dead people or at least that is what we often hear!

When we start sharing our knowledge with those that want to know more, we start with the premise that we are spirit having an earthly experience. And to really understand spirit ‘out there’ we need to understand the spirit within us. We work on recognising the spirit in others around us, learning to connect on a level of empathy and compassion through love.  When we do this, we start to see something quite extraordinary happening. We see friendships blossom that come from trust, openness, mutual respect and genuine love. I say this from personal experience of watching groups I work with bonding and working together for the good of each other not, just for the self.

In addition to this bonding and growing, is an awareness of the self. How we and we alone are responsible for the things that happen in our lives. We learn that we control, and I don’t like that word but it does fit here, we control the way we live our lives. The energy of our thoughts keeps the physical self in any given circumstance, both the good and the not so good.  Ordinarily, when things are not so good, we deflect the reasons for that onto others. It’s because ‘that’ person said this, or ‘that’ person did that, or even ‘that’ person didn’t do that…but the more we understand how our thinking controls what manifests in our lives, we realise we have a choice, we can transform a situation by the way we think about it.  We can’t always change situations, but we can change the way we think about them. This, gives us the control back, this gives us the opportunity to bring peace or understanding to every situation we find ourselves in.

Wednesday night, myself and a friend were talking about how something that had been said to us, separately, had brought up feelings within us, negative ones. But when we started to ‘drill’ down to what was the root cause of our feelings, we discovered that it really was not what was said that was the problem, but our reaction to it and where that came from within us.
How fantastic to have that awareness! Not fantastic in what it had done to us, but that we were aware enough to discern the root cause of our own reaction to what had been said!
Then this evening, working with one of my more advanced groups, the mutual love or affection, whatever they prefer to call it, was tangible. There was a genuine joy in watching each other’s connection to spirit working so beautifully…I felt humbled to be able to witness this…and this was followed by seeing one of my other groups mutual encouragement and friendship moving on from just within the confines of their group work spiritually, to something they are doing together outside of that. Very special..

So what is the point of my late night muse….The more we understand about what is truly remarkable about our spiritual journey, the more we realise it is our own spirits journey. The being able to talk to dead people, is almost a by product of being able to connect to our own spirit, to speak from that awareness of our own spirit , and, being able to see others from that perspective.
When we do this, we become more compassionate, more understanding and, well, just more…isn’t that amazing? To understand our true self, to see the beauty of who we really are, to know how powerful we are, how truly amazing we really are….we work towards not allowing ourselves to be affected by others views of us and the world around them. We, each one of us is perfect, we just need to re-remember that.
Although we cannot change others, through our own changes in perspective, we lead the way for others to follow. How can those around us who live in fear and negatively stay there when they see our light shining so positive and bright!

Like attracts like…as we shine brighter, those around us are drawn in. Those that live in darkness are drawn to the light and therefore transform themselves. Those that stay in the shadows, will move further away from you, your light blinding them. It’s a fact that as we progress along a true and positive spiritual path, we will lose people along the way, but, we gain strong and amazing connections that can last a lifetime. Maybe, even finding our soul mates.
As always, my muses are just my personal account of what I see and understand as I walk my journey. I suppose I should call these muses…blogs? But then, I rarely do what I should! I love to share as often, when something hits me, it is something others are struggling with or questioning so if I touch just one person, there is my reason for sharing my thoughts.

I wish you all a day of loving who you are; of believing in the power you have within in you to be all that you want to be…and to enjoy knowing you are special, unique and very much loved by the world of spirit. Use your smile to radiate out that inner light to all you meet…it’s good to share your smile, people cannot,help but smile back so for that one person, you could light up their day…others may think you have gone nuts, but even that will make them smile!

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