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Yvonne Roberts
Founder, Teacher & Healer
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I am a single mother of two lovely young men and a beautiful granddaughter.

I first discovered spirit 24 years ago after feeling something was missing my whole life. I recall walking into my first spiritualist church and immediately feeling I was home and I never looked back.

My journey in life has been an interesting one and like most people, it has been a roller coaster of highs and lows but I can now see that it was a necessary journey to take me to where I needed to be.

I have spent the last 26 years in sales, from newspaper advertising, selling toilet rolls, bedding to designing care homes and hotels. During those years, I tried my hand at many things trying to find something the satisfied my soul not just my pocket. I qualified as a balloon decorator, did a basic teacher training course, qualified as a Swedish masseur, and specialised in dementia awareness which I then used in staff training in care homes.  But then finally last year, I made the change I had been searching for for years and left my years in sales behind.  I completed a diploma in civil & family celebrancy and although it is early days, I know it will satisfy my soul as well as my pocket, well it will eventually!

But throughout these years, there has been spirit. The moment I found spirit, I found who I really was.

The first thing I did was to train as a healer, it then set me on my path as a spiritual vagabond for many years.  I was hungry to learn all that I could and went from one course to another, from the Kabbalah, to crop circles to the Mayans to crystals and on and on and on. I read anything and everything I could get my hands on and felt like I was making great strides to understand and connect with spirit. Yeah right!  It was only when I meet my teacher that I really understood what spirit was about. She changed my life and set me on the path that I now tread. It was life changing. I learned to connect with my own spirit first and from there everything fell into place.

Through my teacher, the centre was born. In 2003, 9 of us came together to open The Centre with an idea, a passion to do 'something' but with no idea how we would make it work or pay for it.  But here we are, still here and sharing what we belief and it is an honour.

For my part, I now share what I have learnt in groups for meditation, spiritual awareness, healing groups, trance and physical groups.  I keep everyone updated with what's going on via FB and our web site but I could not do that without the support of others.  Although I am responsible for The Centre, I hope everyone feels that it is theirs too and hope we make everyone feel welcome and the love we put into everything we do, is felt by all.

I always say, The Centre is me and I, am in it... I try to fill The Centre with love and kindness and I know that all those that work with us do the same.  It always gives me a warm feeling and an inner smile when people come in and say they can feel the love and peace.

Long may it continue.

June Hampshire
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Jane Marvel
Founder & Teacher
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I was on a year course to train in Feng Shui when my friend developed cancer for the third time. It was such a blow to her so I suggested she try healing. She agreed, but we did not know where to go.  I asked at feng shui if anyone knew and was directed to go to Bredhurst on a Sunday evening to what he described as, Moonies.  This startled me somewhat as the Moonys were a dubious religious sect and I was wary but was assured that it was lovely so we decided to go on the premise that if the healing was like it is portrayed at American revival meetings where they fall to the floor shaking, that we would slip off quietly.

As soon as we entered Bredhurst Village Hall we were greeted by, June and felt immediately welcome.  On entering the hall the atmosphere was beautiful.  The music was soft and twinkly and there were candles alight all around.  The energies felt crystalline. When the songs started we loved them because they weren't hymns but popular music.  We were slightly taken aback when we had to hold hands and sing Kumbaya and after the initial embarrassed gigglyness soon settled into the swing of things.

The healing was at the back of the hall at the end of the service.  The hall was very noisy because the service was always so popular, and we sat back to watch what happened. It was so peaceful to watch the healing being given not like we had expected. Simply sitting in a chair while someone, the healer, put hands very gently on your shoulders, or parts that were in need of healing. From that moment I was hooked.  I wanted to do healing.

Being and Aries through and through I could not wait, so I went and learned Reiki at the Dojo on Chatham Hill where I was practising Tai Chi, then I could give my friend healing when ever she needed it. Then Mooney and Mark opened a healing class and I joined that and became a Kent healer (some bright spark asked me did that mean I could heal Kent?). Then I was invited to join an awareness class sitting with Mooney. I did not realise just what wonderful magical doors were to be opened.
My spiritual journey had well and truly started.  Mooney told us that we would get our own centre which we did and 10 years down the line it is surviving and thriving.  We have done lots of crazy things in order to raise money to keep the Centre going. Boot fairs, open days, children's fun days, pantomimes even.  On looking back over all those years shall I tell you the lasting and abiding feeling I have about this journey?  

It is the friendship and the love and that will endure forever xxxxxxx

Alan Tanner
Founder & Healer
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Hi my name is Alan (Ally), I came into this way of life when my darling wife was taken seriously ill with cancer. We went to the Sunday service at the Sanctuary of Love & Healing at Bredhurst so that Dee could have some healing. This was all new to me then.

In 1985 both Dee & I joined Mooney's groups for Communication and Healing, what a wonderful beginning to this way of life for the pair of us.

Both Dee and myself became involved with the running of Bredhurst, along with June, Yvonne, Dave, Jane, & Wendy.
We were then involved with the setting up of the Centre of Inner Light at Farthing Corner now the Centre Mind Body Spirit.

At the present time I am being indulgent and just doing the work that I like best, that is Healing.  I get so much out of healing that I find it totally fascinating.

I am not one for fluffy words, but I saw these words that sit really well with me:



Alan (Ally) xx


Trudie Clack
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Hi, my name is Trudie Clack and I run the daytime Healing Session at The Centre on a Wednesday morning alongside Karen Morgan.

I started my Spiritual journey by having healing every week, following the trauma of losing a loved one which I found very beneficial on many levels.  I then joined Yvonne's Spiritual Awareness group in June 2013 and I just LOVE anything spiritual, doing as many workshops and classes as possible!  My main passion is healing and I completed Reiki 1, 2 and Masters at The Centre under the excellent tuition of Lyn Bell.  I am very privileged to have two healing guides that work with me and my healing sessions never cease to amaze me!!  I also enjoy Trance and Physical work along with meditation, but feel that I am still at the beginning of my Spiritual journey with much more to learn.

The Centre is an oasis of calm and I just love sitting in the energy.  I believe my Spiritual journey has made me a more thoughtful person and I am learning about myself on every level.  I am lucky that my husband of 32 years is also part of our Spiritual group, so we learn, grow and practice together.  We have two fantastic children and we both help out at the centre to give something back.  Oh yes my 'real' job is working with Special needs children, which is challenging but rewarding.

My hobbies include anything Spiritual and good wine, preferably with family and friends.

Karen Morgan
Healer & Newsletter Editor
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Hello my name is Karen Morgan,

For as long as I can remember I have been curious about spirit. I had many unexplained childhood experiences, which left a lot of unanswered questions. My auntie Rose made her living being a Clairvoyant and my mum always attracted ‘visitors’ as a child herself. At the age of nine I was drawn to church with my best friend, where we sang in the choir together. She had the voice of an angel but as I didn’t I had to throw many tantrums to remain included! I loved the energy inside our little church, or any church really, especially cathedrals.

I spent the next ten years or so see-sawing between spiritualism and Christianity. I eagerly read every book written by Betty Shine and Doris Stokes having private readings aplenty, whilst exploring every branch of the Christian tree. It seems strange now that I look back on it, that I didn’t join a circle earlier in my life. I had many confirmations in my late twenties, when I heard and saw spirit for myself but for whatever reason I didn’t pursue it. Instead I decided to join a ‘Charismatic’ church, which I stayed with for many years. Here was my first real introduction to healing, when we would gather around people at the end of a service and ask for the ‘Holy Spirit’ to heal anyone in need.

When my son was born very prematurely and likely to be blind, a whole army of people from the church and friends and family sent him healing. It was the first time I felt the amazing healing power of spirit first hand.

After the death of my father fourteen years ago, I turned my back on everything religious and spiritual alike, rebelling and protesting at his loss. However, as many of you know once spirit has a purpose for you they do not give up that easily, besides which, they have all the patience in the universe!

My life at ‘The Centre – Mind Body Spirit’ started when I began working at a special school with my friend and co-healer Trudie Clack. She suggested that we go to an evening of clairvoyance being hosted at the ‘Centre’ and then asked me if I would be interested in joining a ‘Spiritual Awareness Group’ to learn and develop our spiritual side. I of course jumped at the chance and today, as a result of the amazing teaching and workshops held there, I enjoy running a healing morning every Wednesday, with Trudie and Heidi McManus, our very own ‘Crystal Queen’.

At present I am a Reiki master and have diplomas in ‘Crystal Healing’ and ‘Indian Head Massage’, and yet I am only at the beginning of my journey. I can’t wait to see where it leads me next …I am loving every single step.

In love and light xx

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Hi. I am Doreen and my life started to change when I was 50.

I joined the Red Cross as a volunteer to give therapeutic care to the elderly in Medway Hospital every Sunday, I was encouraged by the people at the hospital and the people where I worked to take it a step further and eventually I took ITEC courses which included holistic massage, aromatherapy and Indian head massage.

In 2005 I was suffering with back pain and a friend advised me to attend a healing session at The Centre of Mind Body and Spirit on a Tuesday evening, which I did. Alan gave me healing and after speaking with him he advised me to enrol on the 2 year Kent International Healers course they were starting. Since taking that course I have also become a Reiki Master and have qualified as a hypnotherapist. I have found that these courses assist me in contributing to the good work everyone does at The Centre.

For many years I went to The Centre every Tuesday evening and assisted June and Alan. But due to personal circumstances I now only attend every other Tuesday evening when I partner Alan in the healing session.

I have found everyone so thoughtful and kind at the Centre. As soon as you walk through the door you can feel the positive atmosphere and soon become aware of the healing energy that radiates throughout the people and the building. I hope more and more people will attend the Centre for healing so that we can help them like it helped me.

Heidi McManus
Healer, teacher & psychic medium
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Hello, I am a married mum of three gorgeous free spirited children and when I'm not being a mum, I do crystal healing and psychic readings.  I am 41 years old.

I have always been fascinated and drawn to spiritual things for as long as I can remember.  Anything weird and spookylicious has always had me intrigued.  Life happens, the ups, the downs.  One minute you are on a spiritual path, then you jump off.  For me, having experiened the loss of many loved ones and friends, it was always nice to know that there is more to this life.  In 2000 when I lost my beloved mum, I jumped on the spiritual path and know I will never come off.

The best thing I ever did for "me" was joining the spiritual awareness group at The Centre.  It totally transformed my life, made me grateful for the gift of intuition I have.  When I joined I had no confidence, no self esteem, depression and in the depths of grief.  Nearly six years later I am confident, love myself for who I am, am happy and have found my life purpose - helping and guiding others who have been where I was.

The greatest gift was the realisation that I am an Indigo Child.  When I read about them, everything just fell into place.  I am here to help make this world a better place by helping as many people as I can.

I love healing and I love crystals, "nature's medicine".  So I qualified as a crystal healing practitioner - the rebellious Indigo in me having to add my own intuitive twist on my healing sessions.  A deep belief in the Chakra system, colour and sound therapy.  I do crystal healing every Wednesday morning at The Centre 10 - 11.30 am.

I am also a Reiki Master, soul care doula and do psychic readings.

"The Indigo Child is here to bring us closer to our true essence"

Love & light


Claire Dewey
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My name is Claire and I have always been interested in all things spiritual.

As a child I would get books about the paranormal from the library and I also collected crystals. I've had some strange experiences in the night and also I would sense things before they happened.

I joined Yvonne's spiritual awareness group in 2013, it was one of the best things I've ever done! I learnt how to work with our own spirit as well as those who are no longer on Earth. We tried many things as a group, but out of everything I found healing appealed to me the most. So I did my Reiki 1 and 2 with Lyn Bell at The Centre in 2014.

I have recently started to help with the Tuesday night healing sessions with June. It's still early days on my spiritual journey, but I am enjoying every step of the way!


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Debbie Tillbrook
Newsletter Editor
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