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Miscellaneous Information:

Hi. I am Doreen and my life started to change when I was 50.

I joined the Red Cross as a volunteer to give therapeutic care to the elderly in Medway Hospital every Sunday, I was encouraged by the people at the hospital and the people where I worked to take it a step further and eventually I took ITEC courses which included holistic massage, aromatherapy and Indian head massage.

In 2005 I was suffering with back pain and a friend advised me to attend a healing session at The Centre of Mind Body and Spirit on a Tuesday evening, which I did. Alan gave me healing and after speaking with him he advised me to enrol on the 2 year Kent International Healers course they were starting. Since taking that course I have also become a Reiki Master and have qualified as a hypnotherapist. I have found that these courses assist me in contributing to the good work everyone does at The Centre.

For many years I went to The Centre every Tuesday evening and assisted June and Alan. But due to personal circumstances I now only attend every other Tuesday evening when I partner Alan in the healing session.

I have found everyone so thoughtful and kind at the Centre. As soon as you walk through the door you can feel the positive atmosphere and soon become aware of the healing energy that radiates throughout the people and the building. I hope more and more people will attend the Centre for healing so that we can help them like it helped me.