Trudie Clack
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Hi, my name is Trudie Clack and I run the daytime Healing Session at The Centre on a Wednesday morning alongside Karen Morgan.

I started my Spiritual journey by having healing every week, following the trauma of losing a loved one which I found very beneficial on many levels.  I then joined Yvonne's Spiritual Awareness group in June 2013 and I just LOVE anything spiritual, doing as many workshops and classes as possible!  My main passion is healing and I completed Reiki 1, 2 and Masters at The Centre under the excellent tuition of Lyn Bell.  I am very privileged to have two healing guides that work with me and my healing sessions never cease to amaze me!!  I also enjoy Trance and Physical work along with meditation, but feel that I am still at the beginning of my Spiritual journey with much more to learn.

The Centre is an oasis of calm and I just love sitting in the energy.  I believe my Spiritual journey has made me a more thoughtful person and I am learning about myself on every level.  I am lucky that my husband of 32 years is also part of our Spiritual group, so we learn, grow and practice together.  We have two fantastic children and we both help out at the centre to give something back.  Oh yes my 'real' job is working with Special needs children, which is challenging but rewarding.

My hobbies include anything Spiritual and good wine, preferably with family and friends.